44th World Youth Rally 2019
July 14-19 in seoul, KOREA
What young people should know to be a Global Citizen
last updated at 2019.06.04
​​​​​​​Be Friends, Best Friends
‘Best friends’ are not just friends but friends beyond prejudice and differences by understanding each other.

The World Youth Rally (WYR) is an annual event hosted by Hostelling International KOREA, which is hosted primarily by Korean college students. This event creates a learning platform for the participants from all over the world, where four main themes will be discussed as following: Building Friendships beyond prejudice and differences, Discussing Based on Global Citizen Education (GCED), Traveling city and nature with Korean team leader, Thinking about World peace in the World’s only divided country. About 150 students from other countries will be attend for this event and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be discussed.